The Personal Power Plant
Hybrid Renewable
Energy Generator
Producing Electricity Anywhere On The Planet
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A Hybrid Multi-Source Renewable Energy Generator

The Personal Power Plant

Providing a near continous power supply 365 days a year

The Personal Power Plant is a hybrid multi source renewable energy generator.  The Personal Power Plant utilizes two independent PV solar sources, as well as a horizontal axis wind turbine.  The PV arrays use different technologies. The upper array uses Mono or Poly Crystalline  modules for their high output in good sun conditions.  On the lower array we use amorphous or thin film modules which produce more in low light conditions.

The combination of the independent systems enables the Personal Power Plant to produce clean renewable energy 365 days a year, and even at night.
Additional renewable energy sources (ie: hydroelectric, geothermal) can be interfaced with an existing Personal Power Plant system.

The Personal Power Plant can be designed to maximize the natural resources available at your location.  It can provide a green energy source in most climates, and in most locations in the world.  It can be used in a remote region, or an urban area.  Our product can be Grid tied or Off Grid. Our design will provide a renewable and sustainable energy source for decades.

The Lord has given us all that we need. Energy is all around us every day, on every corner of the planet. Various energy sources exist naturally in every location. Some energy sources are cleaner than others while some may not be renewable. The only sources of alternative energy that already exist everywhere everyday to one degree or another are solar and wind. Our concept is based on these facts. Gravity energy may be a viable source in the future but that technology is still in its infancy.

There are a number of promising technologies that may power our future, but none of them have the proven reliable products like today's solar and wind.


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